When companies look for outside help in completing IT projects, they are generally considering two delivery models: staff augmentation and project outsourcing.

Staff Augmentation - Contract Onsite Staffing

Design staff augmentation allows a company to add staff to their teams based on the additional skills required to support their initiatives. Resources are employed by the staff augmentation firm.

Project Outsourcing

Design Engineering sProject outsourcing allows a company to execute entire projects using the resources of another firm. In some cases, this can also take the form of “out tasking”, where specific tasks of a project might be outsourced to a sub team which is staffed and managed by the outsourcer.

A Hybrid Approach

For most companies there is no one size fits all approach. Some needs are best met through staff augmentation, others through project outsourcing, and sometimes these needs overlap. Consider an example of two interdependent projects: the first project lies within a company's core competencies but additional specialists are required to complete the project successfully, the second project lies outside of the company's core competencies altogether. In this case a hybrid approach may work best, where staff augmentation is used to acquire the required specialists for the first project and project outsourcing is used to complete the second one.

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