SolidWorks in Schools

Trikonic Technology Services LLP works with schools to provide the knowledge of engineering for the school kids at their early age. An emerging movement in education realizes that global Competitiveness requires that students be technologically literate. SolidWorks Education Edition provides powerful, engaging, hands-on software for students to understand the real-world mechanics of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(STEM). SolidWorks education edition provides 3D software, curriculum, and lessons that makes it easy to lear, easy to teach, and exciting to use. Students get to excercise their imagination in 3D, while learning the fundementals of real-world applications.

STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education with SolidWorks Education Eciion

Trikonic supports STEM educators in improving students skills and inspiring thier interest in STEM related careers. As the leader in 3D Design software, We are committed to providing the most innovative resources for teaching and learning Mathematics, Science, and engineering principles. <`/p>

Through 3D modelling, virtual simulation, curriculum, and lessons, the SolidWorks Education Edition provides examples in basic math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, precalculus, biology, chemistry, physics, sustainable design, art, economics, and new technologies. Teachers can utilize these examples directly in thier classrooms to reinforce core competencies and enhance the learning experience.

The SolidWorks Student Edition
  • Supplies a comprehensive curriculum and lessons that make tehnology easy to learn and easy to teach
  • Provides your students with tools that reinforce creativity and innovation
  • Expands your students imagination with fun and dynamic student portfolios
  • Prepares your students for successful STEM careers by applying the skill sets require by the industry
  • Provides STEM competency through certification exams

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