Reverse Engineering

Trikonic is engaged in Reverse Engineering & Localizing (Customization of Products as per Requirements). When an original manufacturer no longer exists or no longer makes a part you need it can have a huge impact on your production capacity. Having to get the part replaced adds more stress as it can lead to excessive down time and potentially also decreased machine efficiency. For a given set of conditions, we optimize designs as per the clients' demands. Moreover, indigenization of drawings is also undertaken by us and completed within the predetermined time frame. Our acclaimed technological capability enables us to customize the products.

Reverse Engineering Services

• Studying component functionality.

• Measuring an object and then reconstructing it as a 3D model using toolboxes.

• 3D scanning and converting point cloud data to parametric cad models.

• Material testing including, Metallurgical Testing includes chemistry, microstructure, core/surface hardness, surface treatment etc.

• Rapid prototyping.

• Prototyping and physical testing.

• FEA validations and commissioning.