3D Modelling and Drafting Services

3D Modelling & Drawing Conversion Services offered by us helps the clients in convenient data translation. We are engaged in conversion of old blue prints into soft data. From old CAD systems, we transfer the data into new generation CAD systems. Moreover, we are involved in indigenization of drawings and complete engineering & drafting. 3D design and modelling of engineering components opens a new world of idea, innovation and cost reduction. Trikonic provides best in class CAD designs, 3D designs or 3D models. 3D visualization of our products and comoponents gives life and clarity into the design objectives with respect to interference, clearance, tolerance aspects, aesthetics and helps communicate ideas more effectively. 3D modeling is the process of developing a solid, 3 dimensional representation of any object. 3D models could be displayed as an image in print using a process called 3D rendering or used in a computer simulation. A 3D design is usually used by individuals and companies in the field of engineering and industrial production. 3D CAD technology provides a challenging creative environment. 3D CAD provides opportunities for the elimination of inherent inefficiencies in existing work flows or practices.

3D Modelling & 2D Drafting Services

• 3D parametric feature based modeling, Solid modeling.

• Freeform surface modeling.

• Bulk Design Data Conversion - 2D to 3D conversion

• Sheetmetal fabrication designs and manufacturing drawings

• Kinematics, interference and clearance checking of assemblies

• Parametric modelling with Family Tables and Parameters

• Layout controlled 3D models and drawings

• Top down assembly designs

• Casting and Machining designs

• Mold design for plastic and metal components

• Bulk Design Data migration from one format to another(For Example : DWG to SolidWorks, SolidWorks to PTC Creo etc,..

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