CAD Customization Service

Trikonic has been founded by people having rich experience in the field of Design Automation with a vision of simplifying the CAD design implementation in manufacturing sector and improve productivity by value addition with customized CAD application.

Trikonic develops customized applications for CAD software to improve the productivity and reduce the cost of design. We develop applications using Microsoft technologies like C++, C#, VB 6.0, and VBA.

We optimize your design process by developing customized CAD plug-ins, CAD tools to simplify the manual steps, design automation applications to automate the entire design engineering process of your products.

Trikonic also provides web based product catalogue, and online configurator for show casing your product portfolio and let the user configure based on their requirement and get quote online.

Engineering Design Automation Process:

Our Offerings in Design Automation Services:
  • Engineering Design Automation of design department.
  • Engineering Design Utilities
  • CAD – PDM – OFFICE Bridging Applications
  • Customized Pre-Sales Applications for Quotes and Costing
  • Large scale data Migration from Version to Version of CAD Software
  • Bulk conversion of Data from one CAD software to other.
  • Application development for Online Product Catalogue and Configurator

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API Training
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  • APIToolKit of PTC Creo is the most convinient and easy to learn alternative for PROToolKit programming. Trikonic provides state of the art training in learning APIToolKit of Creo Software. This helps you to automate your design needs Read more...
  • Add-in is the application runs in process with a CAD application, that provides a UI very similar to the native CAD software. A DLL based application can help you create your own custom menus, toolbars, features of your custom application. Read more...