CAD - PDM/PLM Integration

CAD data is a key component of product design and supports a wide range of downstream processes including virtual prototyping, work instructions, and technical publications. Managing CAD data through enterprise processes provides a huge advantage for the business and is often a top priority of PLM initiatives. The CAD integration allows you to edit document-based structures using a CAD interface, both in the CAD system and from the PDM/PLM system. This enables you to manage the CAD files directly in PDM/PLM and leverage the design information (3D-models, drawings, bill of materials, and engineering change mangement) for processes like design, costing, sourcing, manufacturing, etc.

CAD-PDM/PLM Implementation services offerings are :

• CAD models and drawings design process definition

• Data version control

• Engineering Change Management

• Enable multi site design managements and approval trackings

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