VBA Macros development is the basic of design automation concepts. We provide a easy to learn training program that enables you to be independent in developing macros in SolidWorks and MS-Excel.

Application development for design automation needs an in depth knowledge of OOPS concepts and API programming. We have curriculam covering the extensively the techniques of OOPS using C# prgramming along with API programming for CAD software.

Add-in is the application runs in process with a CAD application, that provides a UI very similar to the native CAD software. A DLL based application can help you create your own custom menus, toolbars, features of your custom application.

APIToolKit of PTC Creo is the most convinient and easy to learn alternative for PROToolKit programming. Trikonic provides state of the art training in learning APIToolKit of Creo Software. This helps you to automate your design needs

I always wanted to set my career in the field of design automation, I tried to learn on my own with the help of online tutorials and other sources, but without a proper training i couldn't make progress. So I enrolled myself for the Design Automation course for SolidWorks using C#, through which i got all the necessary knowledge to setup my career. Thanks to Trikonic.

- Bharathi Raj, CAD Customization Engineer, L&T Technology Services.

Training Features
  • Concept-based training understand the principles of API programming technology and apply best practices to all of your work
  • Hands-on exercises to understand the theories learned on software development
  • Personalized learning methodology assesses your current knowledge level in software programming to design a custom training specially for you to excel in your career based on CAD Customization
  • Expert trainers with 20+ years of industry knowledge in API Programming for CAD
  • Online Training classes for overseas students