Design Automation Projects

TabWorx - Tablet Design Software
 Project Duration - 1100 Hrs
 SolidWorks API, Microsoft.Net, C# Programming

This application specifically focused to serve the industries such as tablet and die-punch manufacturing for tablets of various shapes. This application enables the user to create tablets of various shapes with different crown options and all types of breaklines along with text engraving.

MatWorx - Crane Design Software
 Project Duration - 900 Hrs
 SolidWorks API, Microsoft.Net, C# Programming, Excel API

In the entire crane design engineering there are two most complex process (i.e) selection of grid sections as per the crane specifications and choosing the bought out items for the assembly. MatWorx software have end-to-end support on automatically selecting the grid sections and sizes, along with calculations of deflections and allowable stress. Also this software includes automated selection of required bought out items as per the specification and prepare automated quotation for sales purpose.

TurboX - Turbine Components Design Software
 Project Duration - 800 Hrs
  PTC Creo 2.0, APIToolKit, Microsoft.Net, C# Programming

Complete solution provided for design engineering of turbine assembly, three major components of a steam turbine are Blade, Nozzle and Nozzle arrangment assembly. Trikonic provides a CAD customization solution for automated design of blade design and other components which makes the life of a design engineer easier.

SmartTools - A Set of productivity improvement tool
 Project Duration - 450 Hrs
  SolidWorks 2016, API Programming, Microsoft.Net, Excel APIs

A set of productivity improvement tool to help the design engineers to complete their daily quick and accurate. Tools like updating automated part number as per the company standards, checking the design details of the parts, custom BOM columns, Update material database from SAP. These tools run as Addin for SolidWorks with a easy to access menu bar.

XBOM - A Custom BOM Table Tool
 Project Duration - 80 Hrs
  SolidWorks 2016, API Programming, Microsoft.Net/td>

Our customer was looking for a solution to add few custom column like stock size, stock weight, and weld lenght to thier standard BOM table. Trikonic developed a tool that iterates through all the components of the open assembly and calculates the raw material size of all the solid, weldments, sheetmetal bodies and adds the data to BOM material, the tool also computes the total weld length for each components and updates the data in BOM as a column.

Enterprise PDM Automation - SAP <-> EPDM Data Mapping
 Project Duration - 220 Hrs
  Enterprise PDM, API Programming, Microsoft.Net/td>

Data cards are the major UI used by every client user of EPDM application to access the vault information. The EPDM vault is usually have SAP database as back end having all the information of the parts, assemblies and other non-CAD documents. This application provides a robust solution for auto generation of the item code as per customer standard by reading data from SAP and recieve input from the EPDM user, also this application customizes the data card user input mechanism to make the life easier for all the users.